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Nature’s wisdom is the principle that everything in nature contains intelligence and creative energy infused by that great Power which creates and drives the universe. This ranges from the smallest nanoparticles to the largest galaxy. This natural wisdom has the power to organize intelligent, self-sustaining and self-regulating systems that become more abundant and diverse within ever-changing life cycles. 

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Everything in nature is an expression of that great Power, including ourselves. However, we must understand that nature's wisdom will always be greater than our own, no matter how advanced our technology. Whenever we think we are above nature and her laws, we will end up making destructive decisions.

A kernal of wisdom

We can easily see how nature’s wisdom is expressed within a grain of rice, a mustard seed, or an acorn. These seeds contain everything needed for new life. It contains the “blueprint” for the plant, the nourishment for its growth and a protective sheath to preserve it until the optimal conditions exist for it to germinate. In many cases, there have been seeds that have germinated after thousands of years of dormancy (or greater). Chestnut Oak acorn beginning to sproutChestnut Oak acorn beginning to sproutThe instructions for the physical expression of that plant or tree are imbedded within the DNA contained in the “germ,” or “kernel.” This seed knows when the conditions are right for it to begin its life cycle and utilizes the energy of the sun to grow, once its green solar panels (leaves) open up.

This sprout/plant/tree ties into the whole system of the earth and is connected in many ways to the greater cosmos. Through the process of photosynthesis, these green living plants and trees are the building blocks of our atmosphere, which is also self-regulating.

What is healthy soil?

Let’s consider the expression of nature’s wisdom in healthy soil. What is considered healthy soil and where is it found in nature? Healthy soil can be considered naturally “fertile,” in that it has everything needed for a plant or tree to grow resulting from an “organic” process of soil development. Fertile soil can be found in any forest in the temperate regions of earth. This living soil is naturally orchestrated by many elements working together. Again, it is self-organizing. As leaves, twigs and small branches drop to the ground; they are broken down and converted to nutrients by all manner of bacteria, fungus and insects. What results is a living, fertile soil containing maximum natural wisdom (creative energy and intelligence).

A natural process

Fertile soil has a layered structure and system of air vents designed to supply germinating seeds everything they need to grow from a blade of grass to a giant sequoia tree. Without this fertile soil, only a pine forest could exist. Eventually a pine forest floor becomes covered with pine needles and gradually becomes fertile, making way for other varieties of trees and plants. This organically produced, fertile soil has a top layer cover of natural compost and humus which protects the soil from drying out in times of draught, and absorbs rainwater which soaks in and gets filtered down to supply the water table with water which slowly feeds into streams and rivers. The rain contains nitrogen, which is an essential nutrient for plant growth.

No forest: No river

The forest and river is an intelligently designed, self-perpetuating system. It is naturally sustainable. Without the forest to absorb the rain, streams and rivers would dry up and the rain would wash away and cause erosion on the land. Nature’s wisdom organizes the forest so it sustains itself and creates the diversity of life and the network of river systems. These waterways tie into the oceans and sky to connect to and create the biosphere, which supports all life on earth. Nature’s wisdom insures that there is an abundance of everything needed for new life and continued growth and diversity.

To ignore nature’s wisdom is to invite uncertainty in our lives, and scarcity and destruction to the natural world, the world that supports us. This results from a lack of understanding of our connections with nature, the inappropriate use of technology and ignorance of and disregard for natural laws. We can see this destruction everywhere today. However, nature’s wisdom can be our guiding principle in designing a sustainable future for a life of simplicity and abundance while living in harmony with the earth and our brothers and sisters.


The future of manufacturing takes a design cue from Nature's Wisdom

It's not a sculpture, it's the future of car manufacturing image: EDAGIt's not a sculpture, it's the future of car manufacturing image: EDAG

A German company 3D prints a concept car using bionic design principles

With its latest exhibit, "EDAG GENESIS", EDAG offers a visionary outlook for what might well be the next industrial revolution in automotive development and production.  At the EDAG stand at the Geneva Motor Show in March, 2014, the company presented a futuristic vehicle sculpture "EDAG GENESIS", which, using the example of a body structure is designed to demonstrate the revolutionary potential of additive manufacturing, including bionic lightweight principles, topological optimization and load-conforming design strategy. "EDAG GENESIS" is based on the bionic patterns of a turtle, which has a shell that provides protection and cushioning and is part of the animal's bony structure.

EDAG GenesisEDAG Genesis

The shell is similar to a sandwich component, with fine, inlying bone structures that give the shell its strength and stability. This concept is reflected in the exhibit. In "EDAG GENESIS", the skeleton is more of a metaphor; it is there to ensure not mobility, but passenger safety. The framework calls to mind a naturally developed skeletal frame, the form and structure of which should make one thing perfectly clear: these organic structures cannot be built using conventional tools!  A component, module, or even a complete, one-piece vehicle body produced in one single production process! Impossible? Current advances in additive manufacturing have brought what still sounds like Utopia one step closer to reality! The industrial 3D print revolution has begun.

New, bionic design options also help to reduce the weight of the plant technology, leading to energy savings in its production and operation: the tendency is towards lighter components, lighter tools, lighter clamping technology, smaller robots. We need new approaches and development tools to be able to design bionically optimized solutions. Additive manufacturing will make it possible to come a great deal closer to the construction principles and strategies of nature. Developed functionally and evolutionarily into optimized structures from which man can learn. And the entire process is tool-free, resource saving and eco-friendly.

Source: EDAG web site.

I would have to add the caveat that in order to truly be eco-friendly, they would need to follow through with re-usable and recyclable materials. That would be in keeping with the principles of nature’s wisdom.


Using nature's wisdom to manufacture safe, earth-friendly insulation and packaging material

Another example of eco-friendly manufacturing is a process one innovative company is using to actually biologically “grow” insulation and packing material, which can be recycled or biologically break down into soil nutrients. They are called Ecovative Design.

Mushroom Wine PkgMushroom Wine Pkg

New York-based Ecovative Design offers Mushroom packaging, a Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified alternative to conventional plastic packaging. While many renewable packaging materials are made from plants, Ecovative is harnessing a kingdom that’s never been considered for materials: Fungi. This radical new technology has been proven in the US with customers such as Dell, Steelcase, and Crate & Barrel, and is now being launched globally. Mushroom® Packaging will be showcased in Dusseldorf, Germany at Interpack 2014, May 8-14th.

Mushroom Packaging, is made using two inputs: agricultural byproducts like corn stalks, and the root structure of mushrooms, called mycelium. No petrochemicals or plastics are part of the final product. This combination of mycelium and agricultural waste binds together to form a high performing and cost competitive custom-molded bio-composite, engineered to protect your product. As the last step of the process, Mushroom Materials are heat treated to stop the growth process and to ensure no spores or allergens are produced. Unlike plastic foams that are challenging to recycle and are often landfilled, Mushroom Packaging is home compostable, adding nutrients to the soil in your local neighborhood.

Molded MushroomMolded Mushroom

The Future of Sustainable Insulation

Myco Foam, now proven to replace plastic foams for protective packaging, is coming next to insulation. Today's most common insulation materials have some serious negative environmental consequences. We're developing natural, rapidly renewable Mushroom® Insulation as a healthy, easy to install insulation product that performs.

Mushroom InsulationMushroom Insulation

What if you could literally grow a house, or at least the insides of the walls? The Ecovative team has been playing around with that idea, growing Mushroom Insulation right inside of walls, rather than with our standard factory equipment. Properly engineered wall assemblies can be filled with live Mushroom Insulation and grown in-place under controlled conditions. The insulation solidifies, sets, and dries out over the course of about a month. The result is an airtight, highly insulated structural wall assembly without the ecotoxicity and global warming impacts associated with spray foams. We believe that this radical construction method has exciting potential for a revolutionary new pre-fabricated building system, but it is not appropriate for renovations or outdoor construction.

Source: Ecovative Design web site.


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