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Greg and Chief Quiet Thunder in Delaware Jan. 2002 holding a deerskin map of the old Indian trails in New Jersey.Greg and Chief Quiet Thunder in Delaware Jan. 2002 holding a deerskin map of the old Indian trails in New Jersey.




Professional experience: After majoring in Film and Broadcasting at the University of Iowa, I took a position as the in-house video producer for Wheaton Industries for six years, where I produced training and other video programs. I left Wheaton to become an independent video producer for nine years. I've taken college level courses in creative writing, journalism and scriptwriting. I have written video scripts for Wheaton Industries and its affiliate businesses, several non-profit organizations, the Egg Harbor Township, NJ school district as well as my own environmental documentaries.

I think of myself as a cultural naturalist, someone who tries to interpret nature through an indigenous worldview. I've studied and practiced Native American culture from what I've learned at the Tracker School founded by Tom Brown Jr. The school is based on the teachings of an Apache Elder, scout and medicine man we call "Grandfather." I also took Kamana naturalist training from Jon Young, who was Tom Brown's first student. I am also grateful for the courses and influence of Malcolm Ringwalt on my spiritual understanding of native culture. Everything I've learned from those trainings was invaluable in guiding my discussions with Chief Quiet Thunder.  

I first met Chief Quiet Thunder at a Columbus Day Indian Festival in New Jersey over 25 years ago and maintained a friendship with him. It was my life-long interest in Nature and Native American culture that inspired me to collaborate with Chief Quiet Thunder to author two books about the Lenape people. I strongly believe his knowledge and insights must be preserved and shared.


My interest in American Indians goes all the way back to scouting and a full moon lakeside ceremony of the Order of the Arrow. I was employed with the Atlantic County Parks Division on Lake Lenape in Mays Landing, NJ for 17 years until April, 2020. I currently live on the Mullica River in Sweetwater, NJ in the heart of the Pine Barrens. My interests also include nature photography, permaculture, cooperative community, hiking, camping, and kayaking.


Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   Phone: 609-226-9188





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