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Welcome. My name is Greg Vizzi. I'm a cultural naturalist of European descent and co-author of The Original People. Please join the email list for information about upcoming book events and my free periodic newsletter. Topics will cover the natural world, indigenous wisdom, and how we can balance our needs in a harmonious relationship with each other and our planet. This is a journey worth taking!


I collaborated with Chief Quiet Thunder Gilbert over a ten year period to produce a book about the Lenni-Lenape people. This book, written in the Chief's own words, comes directly from the oral history of his people. This worldview is a roadmap.


 THE ORIGINAL PEOPLE: The Ancient Culture and Wisdom of the Lenni-Lenape People by Chief Quiet Thunder and Greg Vizzi 

AVAILABLE On Amazon in paperback here: THE ORIGINAL PEOPLE



"THE ORIGINAL PEOPLE is a beautiful book filled with stories, poems, prayers, and traditions that explores the history, geography, and wisdom of the Lenni-Lenape, and teaches “the sacred obligation to protect the Earth.” Personal recollections are skillfully integrated into the larger tapestry of the culture, its relationship to nature, and its spiritual alliance. 

Chief Quiet Thunder has a gentle, wry humor, and is a master at weaving history, science, and spirit into his stories. His style of teaching is so fused with his style of living that simply being in his presence (even on the page), supports learning. Illustrated with black-and-white photographs, drawings, and maps, this beautiful history deserves an honored position on the bookshelf, where it can be read and re-read over and over again" -IndieReader

"I have been searching for a thoughtful read regarding my Lenape heritage. I am so moved by the content of this book that I can actually feel my "original people". I am overwhelmed with gratitude to Chief Quiet Thunder for his eloquence, his soft spoken kindness, and his superb sharing of our cultural history. This book has changed my life. Thank you." -Jean Neill

"Wonderful story telling of the traditions and lore of "The Original People". Chief Quiet Thunder hands down some of the ancestral knowledge and it remains up to us what we do with it and where we go from here. Thank you Chief for this moving history of our people." -Elizabeth Ann 

Chief Quiet Thunder describing his medicine bag at a school jamboreeChief Quiet Thunder describing his medicine bag at a school jamboree


From the introduction by Chief Quiet Thunder:


“I am fortunate to know many of the traditional ways of the Lenni-Lenape. The name Lenni-Lenape means “Original People.” For many years I have talked to groups in schools, churches, parks and other public settings. I decided I wanted to get down in writing the stories and history that I’ve shared verbally over the years.  If I can also help people gain a better understanding of the native people of North America, then this book will exceed my goals.


Mother Earth is the giver of life and the protector of the spirit after life, for all people, not just the Indian people. We have a sacred obligation to protect the Earth and to learn to live in harmony with the earth. I developed my beliefs through time spent in the wild, talking to elders, and maintaining the traditional ways.


This book combines an oral history of my people, their way of life, and spirituality. It also contains some of my personal life story and beliefs as a Native American in the modern world. In my presentations. I try to pass on ideas that meant something to my family and my ancestors, ideas that still have significance today.”



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