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The Original People:

The Ancient Culture and Wisdom of the

Lenni-Lenape People

by Chief Quiet Thunder and Greg Vizzi



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Chief Quiet Thunder is a traditional Lenape Indian elder and chief residing in the state of Delaware. For well over three decades, he has inspired thousands of students and adults, thrilling them with his authentic presentations and stories.
The Original People is a compelling collection of the chief’s childhood memories and a history of his tribe. He describes tribal ceremonies, traditions, and social life before contact with Europeans. This book is a tribute to an esteemed Native American and extols the wisdom of his people who enjoyed a peaceful existence for many thousands of years. It is a story few people know. While surrounded by hundreds of handcrafted cultural items, the chief’s delivery is relaxed and sprinkled with humor, captivating his audience with his description of a time and place when Nature was the only world. To his ancestors, “The roof was the sky, the ground was the floor, and life was so simple.” It is a way of life long forgotten.
Author Greg Vizzi recorded and transcribed hundreds of interviews, stories, and conversations with Chief Quiet Thunder, taking great care to accurately present his words and wisdom in the chief’s own voice. His voice, like his name, has a restrained power that is hard to resist. As thunder accompanies lightning, his words bring new light to our understanding of American Indians. This “peaceful warrior” has an important message to share coming straight from his heart and native culture: “The Earth is our Mother, and we all have a sacred obligation to learn to live in harmony with her and protect her for future generations.” Suitable reading for ages 6 years to adults.

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